Sunflowers bring showers

Flowers are such a comforting gift that brighten any room. The go-to gift for any special occasion, but even better when just a spontaneous gesture. Big bouquets, a single rose or even the cheap plastic covered arrangements from the grocery store, they all are beautiful regardless of the price tag. There’s just one catch, they don’t last forever. The joy of flowers is stifled when their lovely petals begin to droop and sag. The stems bend under the weight until they rest on the edge of the vase, where they remain until someone takes the time to remove them. The bright colors fade from greens, reds and yellows to brown. All the love and joy that you thought of when looking at the flowers are forgotten. Now they are just a reminder of another thing that needs to be taken out with the trash. Your fabulous present turned into another chore.

It kind of reminds me of the feeling you get after wearing a stunning dress for a night and then having to take it to the dry cleaners. No one wants to do it.

This is a reminder, that all beauty comes with a cost, so to be surrounded by it you have to be willing to pay. But the cost is worth the reward. Without these simple pleasures we may not make it through the real tough chores at all. So I say, buy all the flowers you want!


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