Be the perfect guest at a baby shower!

Ladies, young and old, have to get excited about baby showers. Yes, they can be a little dry sometimes,but as soon as the baby gifts are unveiled the cooing begins.

It’s just a fact of life– If you’re a woman you have to have a soft spot in your heart for the excitement that comes with a baby. The onesies, rattles and pastels just have an infectious happiness.

Today I attended my first baby shower for my niece, Lila. The baby pink was out in full force and it was adorable. Monogrammed blankets and bibs, pillows stitched in love and baby’s first books were among the gifts. Not to mention the latest technology in booster seats, portable beds and swings.

With all the resources as a new mother, guests are able to get exactly what the mother wants and the baby will have everything he or she needs before even being born. So if you’re going to a baby shower how do you keep up with the times and make sure you are the perfect guest? Well it’s simple!

Tip 1- Check out all the places where “mommy” may have registered. This allows you to get exactly what the mother wants for her baby. Or if you are an experienced mother, get whatever was your saving grace for you and your baby.

Tip 2- Why not dress for the occasion? It never hurts to be pink or blue! I’m all for themed parties, this just adds a little extra touch.

Tip 3- Don’t forget to get a cute card and bag! Everyone has the best wrapping paper and tissue-stuffed-bags and go all out to make the present eye-appealing.

Tip 4- Enjoy the good food and company! Hopefully the hosts have a lovely spread of hors d’oeuvres out and a cute cake to celebrate the new baby.

Tip 5- Don’t forget that the mother shouldn’t be doing any strenuous activity. Any lady should offer her help and ask if the hosts or mother need help packing up the new gifts or cleaning up after the party.

Use your instincts– some savvy shopping, crafting and cleaning and you’ll be the perfect guest!


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