Public Transportation: an anti-social haven

For those who have ever been to the Big Apple, you know what it’s like to be on the subway. If you make eye contact some imminent danger is bound to happen. People must be silent and uninterested in everything going around them to be accepted, or at least that’s how it seems. But nothing would be like that in the South, where everybody knows everybody and we’re all one big family, right?

Try again!

For those that generally have the luxury of riding a scooter to and from classes at college, rainy days can be the pits. For me, it means riding the dreaded RTS bus. Not to mention the fact that I have to be ready 30 minutes earlier and arrive home an hour later than if I were riding my scooter. Quite frankly, the bus is dismal.

Therefore, on top of the dreary gray skies pouring out rain that prevents me from my short scooter ride back to my apartment, I have to sit in complete silence.

So here’s the scenario– you either have to be texting, listening to an iPod or iPhone, reading a book or newspaper or just staring blankly into space to be a “normal person” on the bus.

Heaven forbid I think of something funny or clever, or notice something amusing in the real world and try to strike up a conversation. The world may just come to an end! No, we all have to sit at least one seat apart unless the bus is completely packed and mind our own business.

Come on people– how hard is it to put down the phone, take out the earbuds (you look retarded anyways), and at least just smile pleasantly at the person across from you. I guess you would be considered weird if you did that, but this is the South after all, aren’t we supposed to have this little thing called hospitality?!

Well I feel bad for the daily riders of that creaky, jerky blue nightmare. But to you everyday-riders, all you have to do is be pleasant, and maybe you won’t be miserable for a good hour that you’re on the bus every day of your life.



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