Midnight Snacking- To eat or not to eat?

So Taco Bell has obviously figured out the habits of night owls with their “fourth meal” campaign. For me, whenever 12:30 rolls around and I’m still burning the midnight oil, the hunger hits!

What to do? Give in to the pressure and raid the refrigerator for the first appetizing treat? Or do you hold out and suffer until you hit the sack?

If you eat then you get that guilty feeling from adding all those calories right before you’re about to snooze. But if you don’t eat, your growling stomach just keeps reminding you that you’re holding out.

My solution: never keep food around that is appetizing in the wee hours. Generally, I start at the pantry, eye the shelves up and down, and close the door in defeat. Then I check out the fridge, more disappointment there. Problem solved: No food, no midnight snacking!

Unless you’re really gung-ho and willing to get in your car and get food, the midnight snacking problem is solved. Or if you’re not worried about the calories, why not go for it? Just remember, that metabolism won’t be cranking forever.


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