Public Speaking Jitters

Shaking hands and legs, crackling voice and stuttering- not the best qualities of a public speaker, but how can you help it? Some of us just have that terrible gene of stage fright. Yikes!

From my first piano recital until my most recent speech in front of my peers, the feeling never changes. My mind is calm and collected and my body looks like I’ve got hypothermia.

I’m not that type to feel anxiety or be nervous but whenever something comes along where I can be judged my body goes into jitters. Even if I’m not worried about anything, there’s no way to stop the shakes. Thank god I don’t sweat when I’m nervous! But heaven forbid I wear a V-neck or scoop neck ’cause everyone can see the tomato red splotches that spread across my chest.

I envy those that can get up and sing a solo or present to a group of people alone. I think that’s the key, alone. It’s always easier with your friends by your side. Chorus and group projects- simple.

So what does a girl do with a hopeless stage fright problem? Well I guess you either keep your friends close by your side or just bear through it. In my experience no one ever notices your shaking as long as you smile through it. So my only solution is keep smiling, and you’ll make it through and they’ll never even know you’re scared to death!



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