Christmas Tunes

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

Probably not likely in Florida, but you’d sure think otherwise after listening to the radio. Starting on Thanksgiving Day, the Christmas radio stations take over and play constantly until December 25. Before the turkey is even done roasting, you can hear “Jingle Bells” on the airwaves.

The holiday season puts me into such a cheerful mood (minus exam week) and I can’t help but find myself scanning the radio for the catchy tunes. But without having too many Christmas songs out there to choose from, it seems like the radio stations struggle for good ones at times.

It seems that there may be a consequence to getting into the holiday spirit earlier: bearing the horrible Christmas songs to fill in space so the good songs aren’t repeated too often. Some Christmas tunes would just be better off on the shelf!

You may be in trouble in your car, but I do have some helpful hints if you’re in the mood for Christmas jingles at home.

1) Pandora. If you haven’t found this free jewel yet or you visit every day, it’s a great tool for narrowing down the type of holiday music you enjoy! For example, my roommate decided to try out “All I Want for Christmas is You” by Mariah Carey, and create a Radio station. Even though Mariah isn’t my favorite artist, but the station has been playing some great classics and some more modern music that I can’t help but dance around my apartment to.

2) Television music channels. I know at home my family has satellite. We have plenty of good music channels to choose from, including holiday favorites. And if you’re lucky, you may have the fireplace channel, a virtual fireplace that is perfect for a Florida winter,

 that is so realistic you may try to roast marshmallows on it.

3), where you can just type in what you want to listen to and you might be listening to your favorite CD free, is a great Web site that allows you to find new music or listen to your favorites.

If you in the mood for holiday music, you may just have to rely on fate for what will come on the radio in you car. However, I’ve provided some great outlets here so you can squeeze in what you like to listen to the most at home. Hope you enjoy!


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