Hello Dolly!

Meet the new and improved Callie Lately!

I can’t wait to start blogging again for myself. I took a siesta this summer to create a series of blog entries to keep the members of my sorority, Phi Mu, connected to get pumped up for recruitment. Now that recruitment is long gone, it’s back to me!

What’s new?

Well first of all, a new look as you can tell but also a new attitude. I am desperately searching for my blogging niche but until then my random thoughts and interesting news findings will compose the blog. Have any suggestions for a topic you would like me to cover? Comment about it!

For some updated information about me check out my Web site at http://plaza.ufl.edu/callielp.

You can also follow me on Twitter- callielpolk or Facebook- Callie Lynne Polk.

Come back tomorrow for my first post!

Thoughtfully yours,

Callie Lynne Polk



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