Fried and frozen- a delicious combination

Before I turn my attention from fast food, I would like to highlight another classic to be added to the list of guilty pleasures– dipping French fries in a Wendy’s Frosty.

Some of you may feel as though this is a strange combination, but if you only tried it you would know that it only seems natural. Sweet and salty come together with icy and hot to form a match made in heaven (or I guess I should say the Wendy’s kitchen).

Starting around age 7 when my sister was playing softball and we had to grab some late dinners, I was educated on the art that is dipping fries in Frosties. I definitely had my doubts at first, but it’s definitely worth a try and it’s a great midnight snack.

Another question that might pop into your head is, “how do I stay thin if I eat Chick-Fil-A (refer to yesterday’s post), french fries and Frosties all day?” Well the answer to that question is simple- You can’t!

I never said that indulging in these guilty pleasures didn’t have their consequences, if they didn’t there would be no guilt involved. So remember, if you are going to continue to read updates from Callie Lately, don’t forget to update your workout routine!

For now, enjoy the simple joys in life, guilty or not, and keep reading!


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