Peace, Love, Vera Bradley

Floral prints, bright colors and cloth culminate my favorite bags, purses and luggage. What I’m talking about is one of my absolute favorite guilty pleasures, Vera Bradley.

It all started when I was a sophomore in high school. I was going for a weekend trip and all I had was rolling luggage so I went exploring in the depths of the storage closet in my house. The musky closet contained things from years before I was born and I had no clue what I was going to end up using. After quickly denying the plastic Saltwater Fisherman bag and the orange thing from the seventies, I found it. I came across a yellow patterned bag that was the perfect size and brand new, still with the tags on! I took it out, packed up and left.

Vera Bradley Clutch Wallet

One of my favorite prints!

My friend noticed the bag and quickly asked me if it was a Vera Bradley (she was ahead of the game). Well I had no clue who or what a Vera Bradley was so that question was left unanswered.  

Looking back now, I love the fact that I found one of my absolute favorite guilty pleasures. Now that I am an owner of everything from purses to luggage to a rug, I consider myself quite a supporter. Once I finally figured out who and what Vera was, I have never looked back!

Now I just have to find an excuse to buy some more. Christmas anyone? Well enjoy your Vera and don’t forget to comment on your own guilty pleasures!


One thought on “Peace, Love, Vera Bradley

  1. Terry says:

    Now what was a Vera doing hiding in that closet? I too love VB. I just have a problem sticking with one pattern. The fabrics are amazing!

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