Gym clothes for life

For all of my fellow sorority women, this is for you.

 In the span of one week, we will do at least a full class schedule, jobs, internships, meetings out the whazoo, intramurals, philanthropies, socials, late night snack runs, studying and probably much more! For all of these events we have to put on our designated outfits, whether it be business “casual” to a letter jersey to something “class appropriate,” which of course we’re all supposed to represent and look cute.

So this is where one of the absolute best guilty pleasures comes to play- wearing gym clothes to class.

We all try so hard to wear our button-downs and dark denim and always have some form of letters on but only on days when your hair looks good and of course you have to invest in every cute casual dress that J.Crew or Ann Taylor creates. It gets hectic ladies!

This is when gym attire becomes our friend. Some of the more bold ladies will just wear regular flats and a shirt and then throw on the Nike running shorts, but I like to play the part a bit more.

Now don’t get me wrong- I love to workout. But I think I have the right to wear my Nike running shorts just becuase. Well either way, I will appease the masses and at least attempt to show I’m working out for comforts sake, even at times when it’s not possible. So here’s my method:

You must wholeheartedly fit the facade. To do this I wear the sports bra, socks and tennis shoes. If you’re going to class but not working out (hence the whole point of this post) then I like to take these opportunities to wear a cuter T-shirt that I wouldn’t normally want to “mess-up” at the gym. Then to top it off I pull the hair back in a cute (yes only cute) ponytail and put on makeup (but not too much).

If you are a sorority girl, this method will only work if your shorts are indeed Nike or Adidas. Not just any ol’ crummy shorts will work, then you just look like you didn’t shower and no one likes that.

So don’t forget the essentials of “gymming to class,” and maybe one of these days you’ll even workout afterwards.  Enjoy the last of these breezy, warm days and sport your shorts with pride!


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