New Gleek?

So my sorority took a trip to our Headquarters and Macon for a little history this weekend and there was lots of busing around. During the roughly 14 hours of driving, almost every moment was spent watching season one of Glee.

My what I have been missing! I guess I am a new found Gleek.

Normally, I am not all that into being constricted to watching TV shows at set times during the week so I’m not big into TV. Now, I may have to re-evaluate.

If you knew me back in my high school days, you would know that I was in fact a chorus nerd (not quite as nerdy as they come but I did enjoy it). I did real life show choir, which is completely different than the sexual NFL-cheerleader style show choir on Glee. That is the best part. They took something totally lame and 90 percent gay (unlike the 10 percent gay on Glee) and make it engrossing.

Anyways, I’ve officially only seen enough to get me to the halfway season finale of Season one so anything after that, keep it on the hush-hush until I catch up. Enjoy your Tuesday nights being a Gleek with me and you might just have a new guilty pleasure!


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