Attractive Planners

Getting a new planner is like getting a new life- you’re starting over with a fresh look.

So ladies- this means that if you are about to step into the real world, you may need to switch over to a January through December planner.  We are nearing the end of October meaning that online ordering for Christmas is literally right around the corner. (The internet really has changed the face of gift shopping.)

Personally, I know that changing from a school year agenda to the regular year agenda was interesting, but eventually we will all have to make the switch. This is a big step, I know, but Lilly Pullitzer is making it easier for us with the August to December planner. This year if you want to get a new planner that bridges your academic and post-academic life, this is a great choice. Lilly Planner

With patterns that are addictive and bright, this investment is worth the money. I know that I will probably end up buying one before the end of the week.

Even if you don’t splurge and go for the must-have Lilly or Vera Bradley planner, it really is a good time to consider going and finding one you really like. I think that a cute planner is so powerful that it may even be able to make your week better.

Be a little guilty and buy yourself a present- a new, cute planner or add it to your Christmas list!


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