Trendy Pumpkins

Halloween is here, and with it comes pumpkin carving and lots of other creative decorating ideas.

This year I’ve been seeing some extra creative carving and it has been quite inspiring (although I myself will not be carving a pumpkin). The cover of Southern Living last issue featured an etching of fall leaves and it was a beautiful take on the generic pumpkin. Then my friend Wesley spent god-knows how long etching that guy from Huntsville, Alabama with “Hide yo’ kids,” into a pumpkin. To top it off, the University of Florida scuba team had an underwater pumpkin carving competition, and yet they still looked decent.

The generic pumpkin face made from three triangles and a toothy grin has definitely been chucked out the window.

On Total Frat Move (not a daily follower I promise, but if you’ve never read it it is an eye-opener) there was Southern Proper pumpkin

Frat Pumpkin

Southern Proper Pumpkin- Fratty

followed by a Facebook post of Lilly Pulitzer pumpkins wrapped in beautiful wrapping paper with palm trees and the Lilly logo carved out.

The pumpkin carving of today has definitely evolved. I believe it has come people’s guilty pleasure to one-up the pumpkins around them. Forget the kids- why did they ever get to hold sharp objects anyways? Now it’s all about having the best one, or more creative one, on the block.

Of course, being who I am, one of my all-time favorite pumpkins was when I carved the silhouette of a cat into a really tall pumpkin.

I say, “Let the competition begin.” However, if you are just going to be decorating with pumpkins and not carving this year, don’t forget to vary the shapes and sizes of your pumpkins. Find one with a really unique stem and make that the center of attention. If you are decorating the mantle or stairs, buy some green pumpkins or gourds to add some extra variety and colors.

Taking more inspiration from Southern Living, our house mom at my sorority recently used a pumpkin for a vase as the centerpiece for a brunch. It was really cute and lasted. The magazine recommended doing this with flowers you can replant in the yard that you can watch grow until Spring. They even carved out a pumpkin and used it as a cooler for drinks at the end of a table. Such great ideas!

Monogrammed Pumpkin

A wedding pumpkin- interesting.

I can’t wait to see the next ground-breaking ideas. For now, keep up the good work!


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