Puppies and tiny dogs

Lab PuppyWhile I was walking to class today I looked to my right and standing a foot tall inside the window of a car was a small chocolate and coffee colored, big-eared, long nosed, puppy-eyed chihuahua. It was precious!

Whenever you see people having such a great time playing with there little dog, carrying it around in their purse (just kidding that looks retarded) and walking them on little leashes, you can’t help but want one. The little furry energy balls can make you go insane for one of your own. This is where it is important to keep reminding yourself of the amount of time and energy it takes to keep one, but even then the desire is still there.

Puppies are soft, cuddly and generally love you no matter what. Small dogs are little and you can tote them around everywhere and it’s almost like having a puppy forever.

When my mom was growing up, she asked her parents if she could have a dog that would never grow up. That Christmas, her dad put a little dog on his palm and gave it to her. Pixie, as she was called, was small enough to fit in your pocket and never grew up. I never forgot that story and I think it left a little soft spot in my heart for what some people refer to as “rats.” (As much as you say that we know you love them just the same!)

Chihuahua puppy that fits in someone's palm

This chihuahua fits in the palm of the hand.

I know the guys wanna be macho and manly and have some kind of hunting dog that’s ferocious and can kill things, but let’s face it- one day your girlfriend is gonna want something cuter that she can cuddle with on the couch. I love large dogs, I think my ideal dog (minus the 60 lbs. of food per week) is a Great Dane. They are sweet, caring and bulky but in the end you can’t help but long for the small girly dog sometimes.

I’m not giving any one an excuse to go out and just get a dog because they just want one that bad, but when you’ve got the time and money, I say there’s no guilt- go out and get that adorable puppy!


3 thoughts on “Puppies and tiny dogs

  1. Jordan H. says:

    I completely agree! I can’t wait to get my first Great Dane 🙂 However, along with the mass amounts of food, I am not looking forward to what that mass amount of food turns into… haha

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