Facebook Stalking

That’s right- you’ve been caught. We are well into Christmas break at this point in time and the fun of being home is wearing off, which only can mean one thing- Facebook stalking. Believe it or not, Facebook stalking has seven definitions on Urban Dictionary. Here’s the first one and all the scary tags for “Facebook stalking”-

Definition of Facebook stalking

Creeping- definitely the same as "Facebook stalking"

Admit it. I think we all do it, some more than others, but especially at times like these. We are back home, away from the usual crowd we hang out with and running in to people we haven’t thought of in the past 365 days (at least). Between catching up with the friends who are obviously having a way cooler Christmas break than you and critiquing the kids we used to hang out with who are still in town, you’ve become quite the stalker.

Obviously I’m just speculating here, and I’m sure some of you are serial stalkers year-round. However, I always find myself looking at the most random people whenever I go home for no apparent reason. Maybe I ran into them at the grocery store (Publix of course) or perhaps he said she said that her cousin…well you get the point. Regardless, I know when I’m home during breaks and boredom kicks in- it’s either Facebook or baking, and with no supplies, the computer comes first.

So what? Now you’re going to judge me. I think not. Because deep down you know you’re doing the same thing and just because I said it out loud (well typed) doesn’t make me worse than you. Honestly, I was really thinking I haven’t turned to Facebook half as much as usual this break but that’s just because I’ve been sleeping more and constantly wrapping gifts. However, if you are desperately bored and lonely away from your friends this break- go ahead. Don’t feel guilty, we all Facebook stalk whether we are willing to admit it yet or not!

So happy stalking, and remember, always do it in moderation! Harmlessly going through people you haven’t seen in a while, or looking at your friends new boyfriend’s profile pictures until you’ve seen them all is no big deal but steer clear of becoming creepy. It’s a fine line to walk my friends- but it’s a risk I’m willing to take.


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