Rain, rain, go away!

Walking back from class today could have been much more stylish and pleasant had I been wearing cute rain boots and holding a patterned umbrella, but instead my tennis shoes were just sopping wet.

This is why everyone college woman needs to invest wisely in some adorable rain boots. Already have them? You can never have too many stylish things!

So well kick things off with my personal favorites when it comes to rain boots, and then showcase some budget options. Then even though I got an amazingly compact Totes umbrella from my dad for Christmas, it never hurts to look at some alternatives. So here we go- let the wish list begin!

Michael Kors Rain Boots

Michael Kors rain boots on sale for $44

Michael Kors black rain boots

Michael Kors black rain boots with logo, on sale for $44.

These $44 rain boots are a great deal for designer boots. Even though I’ve already seen them on campus, they are so cute. The olive green color is like a ray of light on a rainy day and for a more classy subdued look, the black boots are perfect!

Tory Burch purple rain boot for charity

Rain boots for charity by Tory Burch

Tory Burch rain boot on sale

Tory Burch rain boot with logo, on sale for $98.

These Tory Burch rain boots have also been spotted on campus but 15 percent of the profits from the pink and navy pair go to charity for breast cancer. If you’ve got $150 laying around you can meet your goals and help others at the same time, otherwise the equally cute logo pair is on sale for $98.

Following behind these designers is Burberry, Coach and the original Hunter rain boots. I personally love the Poppy rain boots and they are reasonably priced for the brand name. Of course, it all depends on which designers you like best and your personal style.

Purple Hunter rain boots

Purple Hunter rain boots

Metallic Hunter rain boots

Metallic Hunter rain boots

Coach Poppy rain boots

Coach Poppy rain boots, $108.

For the more financial savvy shoppers, Target has literally hundreds of different rain boot designs including plaid, polka dot, floral and animal print and tons of other images. I personally love this black and white zig-zag pattern with the yellow tie and citrus pair, especially being a Florida girl. They even have plenty of boots that have sorority mascots (by coincidence of course) like anchors, turtles and Fleur-de-Lis. The best part about these boots is the great variety which creates less of a chance for look-a-likes (horrible!) and of course the price! They are just $24.99, what a steal!

Citrus rain boots from Target

Citrus rain boots are just one of hundreds of designs.

Zig-zag rain boots from Target

Zig-zag rain boots are too cute! And stripes are so in style!

So phew- that was a ton of information but now you can make an educated decision for the perfect pair of “wellies.” Now to match here are some umbrellas to “top it off.”

Totes has an adorable hot pink monogrammed umbrella perfect for the purse in several letter options, too bad my dad hasn’t mastered online shopping just yet. Plus it’s just $22. Or for just $11 get this hip bubble umbrella.

Monogrammed Totes umbrella

Monogrammed Totes umbrella in hot pink

Bubble totes umbrella

Bubble Totes umbrella

Finally one last umbrella to get your creative juices flowing, an umbrella with a view. This rain blocker will cost you $35 but is certainly a conversation piece, if you’re that desperate of course. So happy shopping and stay dry!

Sky view umbrella

Sky view umbrella, $35 from Target.


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