Love is in the Air

Imagine yourself sitting in a dimly lit room with soft background music playing and champagne bubbling in a crystal glass as you lean affectionately toward the man of your dreams as he tells you about his future plans to be a millionaire and– ok so maybe this is not the typical college Valentine’s Day.

Each year when Valentine’s Day rolls around you have a dichotomy of people who feel as though the occasion was made up and those who just want really expensive gifts and expect their boyfriend to spend all his money on some romantic night. Personally, I fall more on the side of Valentine’s being a crock.

First of all, we just recovered (maybe) from all the Christmas spending and just paid for all of our Spring break plans, so why go out and blow $300 (or more) just because?!

I say yes, celebrate Valentine’s Day, but be savvy and make it about doing something together not a gift-giving extravaganza. However, I think any girl should be happy for a nice bouquet- but I have a feeling this blog is mostly read by females so we’ll skip that part.

Here’s a few ways that I like to make “that special day” easy and affordable.

Chocolate covered strawberries from the Food Network

Food Network has the perfect recipe for chocolate covered strawberries.

Start off with the simple pleasures- chocolate covered strawberries, or some other little baked good. Make it miniature so that it’s cute and sexy. There’s nothing sexy about stuffing your face. Mini-cupcakes could be perfect and you can decorate them 101 ways and write personal messages on them.

Martha Stewart's Valentine cupcakes

Sweet sayings on these scrumptious Martha Stewart cupcakes.

Visit Martha Stewart’s website to get the dish on these cupcakes.

Other than that, unless you’ve got four hours to cook, clean, prepare and host a romantic dinner and make sure your roommates are gone (unlikely in the apartment world) then I would just leave that up to him. Maybe make some suggestions ahead of time, doesn’t have to be perfect or fancy, just somewhere you both enjoy. Then all you need is a cute outfit for the occasion or perhaps something from Victoria’s Secret, like this cute little pink number.


Victoria's Secret lingerie

In the end it really doesn’t matter how big or small your Valentine’s Day is, if you just think about doing something fun or fresh for a day then that’s what really matters. My favorite part about Valentine’s Day is the cards. So many to choose from and they don’t have to be cheesy, just a little reminder to people around you that “Hey, even though we’re both really busy, I really like you.” Now Hallmark even has really cute E-cards so you can send them to family, or someone long distance! Definitely worth checking out.

Even cheesier than that more adorable are these personalized Hallmark cards that you can order from Hallmark’s website. You can have a photo or your boyfriend’s name printed on the card and sent to him. I think that this is such a cute idea.

Valentine's Hallmark Card

Personal photos in a Hallmark Card- how creative!

Good luck shopping and remember to look for simple things that would make someone’s day!


2 thoughts on “Love is in the Air

  1. I wish he was already a millionaire LOL not let me stop kidding. Chocolate covered strawberries are my fav anytime. A guy can feed me those and I won’t even know what he’s saying lol. Great post.

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