Take on sunless tanners for sexier skin

This day in age, sunless tanners and spray tans should be trendier than taking on those harmful UV rays. We are all aware of the damaging effects of sunlight exposure and tanning beds, but whether or not we heed the warnings is another story.

Of course as sorority women we all want to be the tannest, skinniest fashionistas out there and sometimes healthy habits fly out the window. Well that’s not a good way to live and with so many other options out there we can make better choices that will make our bodies tanner and skinny longer!

So what am I using now? Well I am a returning user of Jergens natural glow moisturizers and they have made some excellent changes in the last couple years that make use much more enjoyable.

Jergens Natural Glow moisturizing lotion

My lotion from Jergens, lasts 2x longer, or so we'll see!

Last week I began rubbing on the thick lotion from Jergens which used to have a horrendous smell and could show up with weird smudges the next day. Well thankfully those days are over. Now, the lotion has a light floral scent and is much easier to apply without “mistakes.” Definitely wash your hands and wrists immediately after application or else they will be orange, but other than that it’s pretty fool-proof.

Another, quicker option is Sally Hansen Salon Airbrush Legs. This has been a fail-proof way to get an instant tan since senior prom! There are four different shades you can use to match your skin tone and add a great tan. From pageants to socials to just wearing a strapless dress out– this spray is perfect for the whole body.

Sally Hansen Spray-on tan

Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs- great for a temporary tan.

I have trouble with strap lines from bathing suits and the airbrush legs can be sprayed on the skin, smoothed in and voila, tan! The only caution I have is that I would lightly dab a paper towel on the area where you apply before putting on the outfit you intend to wear for the night (or day). Also, throughout the night the edge of your attire might get some of the spray rubbed on but this should come out in the wash- and it is usually inside of the garment so it won’t affect your appearance during the night. To “take off” your tan, all  you do is shower and you’re back to the old you.

Another quick fix that will last longer is, of course, a spray tan. There are plenty of places to get these done however I have always chosen to get a hand-spray, meaning someone would physically apply the spray tan. I love technology, but not when we’re talking about my tan! As long as you follow all the directions (exfoliate beforehand, wear loose-fitting clothing, don’t shower until the next day, etc.) all should go flawlessly. I think, if you’re afraid of a spray tan, you just need to live a little! Most of the time it works out just fine and lasts almost a week.

So, get your sexy tan the healthy way and kick the UV rays (don’t quit the beach but wear at least 15 SPF). Have fun and it’s our little secret!


3 thoughts on “Take on sunless tanners for sexier skin

  1. Lindy says:

    I love your blog and sunless tanner so much I will even leave a comment. I occasionally use Bath and Body Works “Glow and Steady” and love it!

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