Thankfulness on a busy schedule

There are times in life when its important to stop and take a break from the rush and remember some reasons why you are thankful to be here. This post is all about 10 great reasons why I’m thankful for in my busy and ever-changing life. Take some time to do this yourself– it can be a great exercise once a week or month, whatever works with your schedule to remind yourself of the little things and slow down for a few minutes. Here we go-

1. Great pictures to remember fun nights. Great pictures or ones that have funny memories tied to them can brighten my mood no matter what!

Time Machine Social

Time Machine Social

2. Listening to some of your favorite songs from high school. No matter how much your musical tastes mature or change, you always have a special place in your heart for the songs you jammed out to in your first car riding around with friends with a new sense of freedom and excitement. For me the band Brand New will always remind me of riding around in cars and doing pointless things that I probably would have gotten in trouble for anyways. Or another favorite, Taking Back Sunday.

3. The feeling you get from helping a friend in need, or even a stranger. With Dance Marathon at the University of Florida this weekend, I can’t wait for the amazing feeling when you know you’ve done something so amazing and bigger than yourself that will have a tremendous impact on the community. If you want to help me reach my final goal you can donate on my personal page here. In the past 16 years DM has raised more than $3.2 million for the children at Shands and I have donated more than $500 to this cause. Help me increase my total this year and help children in our area.

4. Safe travels. During my sister and brother-in-law’s trip to California, they got into a car accident. Everyone was safe but it makes you stop and think how quickly things can change. Every time you leave someone you love, you should let them know! It only takes an instant to create a lifetime of regret, just take the extra two seconds and give someone a hug, kiss or a meaningful farewell, plus you’ll feel more loved yourself if everyone does this.

5. Cooking with friends. This weekend Cameron and I made breakfast for dinner one night and then made an amazing salad with goat cheese and veggies another night. There’s just something that’s refreshing about making something at home and truly enjoying it, yum!

6. Cute T-shirts. Sounds silly but who doesn’t love a great T-shirt?! Especially in sororities and fraternities, I get so excited when you realize “What did I order this time?” and it turns out to be a really cute shirt! Things like this just perk me up throughout the day and walking around campus.

7. Forgiving dads. Yes we all need them. My dad has a short temper most of the time, but every now and then he’ll come out of left field and be completely understanding and patient with my irresponsible college student mentality. So maybe I got a few dings in the car or forgot to call when I said I would, sometimes dads just “get it” and understand where you’re coming from and are just happy to be your dad. That’s a great feeling.

8. Getting a compliment in the most unexpected ways. My car was being serviced at the local Volkswagen and in the meantime Bob, the shuttle driver, gave me a ride back to the sorority house. With the constant car trouble I encounter Bob and I are on first-name basis now (no worries, he’s a 50-something man who mostly talks about nature and occasionally drives like someone from New Jersey). So after a few trips in the shuttle with some other unpleasant riders, he decided to let me know he always appreciated how pleasant I was. Sometimes it only takes something small to make you take a step back and try to be more pleasant all the time. It feels good to know that people look forward to being around you.

9. Imparting knowledge to someone who feels like their world has been changed from what you told them. So if you have read my previous blog about sunless tanners, sometimes it just takes a little proof for people to take your advice. Last night I opened two of my friends eyes to Sally Hansen’s spray-on tan and I felt good that I could pass on a little tip to someone else who can enjoy it.

10. People who go above and beyond even if what they are doing will not receive any recognition. As a former membership director of my sorority, I understand how you can work, work and work and not always get credit for what you’ve done. Sometimes it happens. But if you really try to pay attention and watch all the people who are willing to go above and beyond to get something done to make you happy, you will see that people will do this all the time, just for you.


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