Purex sheets clean up and smell better than your Mama’s laundry

Laundry day, it looms over your head like a black cloud until you give in and decide to take on the heap of clothes and drag them wherever they need to go for a good wash. For most civilized people this would be the nearest washing machine. This process is usually followed, if you’re anything like me, by a nice underhand toss of smaller heaps of clothes into the open dryer.

Purex detergent and dryer sheet in one.

The washing and drying is the easy part. The hard part is pouring the laundry detergent without it spilling onto the side of the container, removing the lint that someone else left behind and hoping they’re a clean person, and sorting the delicates from a sea of tops, jeans and dresses without inadvertently removing something that needed to be dried. Not to mention every time I try to take a bra out of the wash to hang dry, the straps are usuaully tangled around a mix of pant legs and some other random item that I have to spend four minutes separating.

After all this is said and done, I just want to forget the folding part all together. Folding clothes was definitely one of those additional punishments designated to Eve when she ate that apple.

Alright so folding clothes isn’t always bad, sometimes if you get into a groove and watch a TV show at the same time it’s really not bad at all. But the true bad thing about folding the clothes is the necessity to do immediately after the clothes are dry. If I could fold clothes on my own terms, ie: whenever I want, that would be another story. But no, clothes must be folded on their terms, ie: whenever the dryer stops spinning (unless you enjoy ironing or don’t care about wrinkles but that’s a whole other blog post!).

The power of Purex's 3-in-1 washer and dryer sheet!

Needless to say, when I found one little shortcut I took it and I haven’t looked back. That shortcut was Purex sheets. It’s not a super time-saver but it helps, but for me it was a cheaper, easier option that my boyfriend’s roommate said he liked even better than when his Mom washed his clothes. It smells wonderful and I think it really makes fabric softer than when I was using Tide, fabric softener and a dryer sheet.

If you spend (at Wal-Mart) $4.97 (all prices shown without tax) on the starter kit from Purex, you get 20 washes and dries, and if you buy refills after that you spend $4.97 and get 24 washes and dries. On the contrary, the Tide I use costs $11.97 for “52” washes (only if you fill the cup to the 2nd line) plus I would need dryer sheets like Snuggle for $2.79. for 70 sheets. This means for $14.76, you get (since I do large loads not medium) 26 washes and 70 dries but if I use Purex I can spend $9.94 and get (after the starter kit package) 48 washes and dries. To get (as I said, we’re using large load examples here where I would use one Purex sheet versus fill detergent up to the 3rd line) 48 washes from Tide alone I would have to pay $23.94.

In the end, everyone has to do what’s best for them, but I’ve found that the 3-in-1 sheets have a great scent, are super easy to use and leave your clothes (towels and bedding) soft and cuddly afterward. (If you never use large loads and separate everything into smaller piles which in my defense contradicts the “I’m a rushing college student theme,” then it would be more cost effective to use the liquid detergent mix, but the ease and scent would still cause a debate for me at the store.)

So moral of the story- Don’t be afraid to try something new in the laundry aisle, you never know what could be out there that you’re missing out on. Now that we’ve got high-efficiency, cold-water, color bleach, and on  and on just find a good fit, but don’t be afraid to try something new occasionally, you might be missing the perfect deal!


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