My summer internship dress-to-impress secrets 2011

From business casual to jeans and tops, don’t lose your style this summer trying to look professional. Take it from me, there are plenty of ways to stay stylish on a budget while still impressing the boss.

Some of my favorites are still having spring sales (unfortunately only really large or really small sizes are left now, but earlier the deals were amazing). Check out $25 off of every $50 at Loft or free shipping with certain purchase amounts at other stores, and if you shop for items that you can wear often, you can even find some great clothes at full price.

Ann Taylor Loft Coupon

Coupon good from May 14th- June 5th at Loft

My go-to store with sizes that will fit anyone (from 00 to 18 and petite) is Ann Taylor LOFT. The Loft never fails to provide me with comfortable linen dresses, cute cardigans and always great prices. I go to Loft even before I head to T.J. Maxx or Target, also two of my favorites.

For a more formal setting try this $80 animal print dress with sleeves and belt at the office. Loft animal-print dress for business casual at the office

Loft business casual dressOr  try this trendy charcoal $60 dress that’s still modest and comfortable. Check out the other dress options at Loft ranging $50-$90. However, if you wait for a seasonal sale, oftentimes you can get 30% off clothing items (get to the sale quick though because sizes become limited).

Jeans with a nice top and cardiganCardigans and tops are buy one get one 50 percent off and help keep your look business casual even if you’re not a dress type, or if jeans are acceptable try this look.

Target nude heelsFor designer shoes on a budget try T.J. Maxx, you’ll still spend about $40 but compared to the original price you’re saving a ton. Or for look-a-like designer shoes (sometimes  more comfortable too) Target’s got  you covered. Try these stylish nude heels for $30 or other styles for even less.

J.Crew is a great place to find skinny belts, a must to cinch in dresses or to take a cardigan and jeans outfit to the next level, like this patent skinny belt. J.Crew skinny belt

Check out what deals you can put together to save money or wait for that end of summer sale to really get the bang for your buck.


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