Post-graduate pros and cons

Out here in the real world I’m starting to distinguish between the good, the bad and the ugly. So I decided I’d see if y’all agree, or give those of you still hittin’ the books a heads up.

1) Pro: No homework. This is a glorious feeling. When I leave work, I leave my work behind. I don’t have to worry about fitting in a few shows on the Food network, cooking dinner and hitting the gym because after all that is said and done all I need to do is get some rest. Now I don’t feel guilty about back-to-back episodes of chopped because the only thing I’m putting off is my cycling routine.

2) Con: The realization that if I just want to dance one night- there will never be another social to get it out of my system. Nope, I would have to go in a club full of strangers instead of friends and dress like a “normal” person (where’s the fun in that?). No more fun costumes (especially the ones you thought would ward off boys but instead attracted them to your quirkiness, ie:Rubic’s cube.) So therefore- I have to pretend like a 30-minute workout on the elliptical is a dance party because I’m not yet ready to brave anything but the bar scene (no clubs for this one!)

3) Pro: Happy Hour! Lo and behold ladies, happy hour does exist on the other side! And trust me, it is much more meaningful when you actually spent the day working and want to take a break rather than the sorority mentality that happy hour is available at any time. On this side, it is something to be treasured- a little nugget of hope to look forward to. Which brings me to…

4) Con: Not going to happy hour because those last two months of “not caring what I eat” before graduation are still clinging to my thighs. Who thought it was a good idea to go to our favorites bars as much as possible and eat pizza by the slice every night again?? The worst part is now that I’m not in college, I worry that this isn’t just a phase where I need to workout, but rather, the beginning of my mom-body. This of course is completely false and untrue, but it’s the idea that, “What if I never lose this love-handle? Is this how it all starts?” (The answer is No!)

Which brings me to….

5) Pro: More time to workout! All that partying and worrying has given me an amazing amount of motivation to work out every day. I’m aiming for six times this week, but it’s no big deal because from 5 p.m. on- I can put my workout schedule wherever I want!

6) Con: Phone dates. When I wanted to hang out with my friends in college- they were always within arms reach. Now, you actually have to plan time to call your friends. This requires time zone calculations and work schedule factoring and avoiding favorite TV show hours….geez. It’s exhausting. However, nothing can replace catching up with a best gal pal, so keep those ladies on speed dial!

7) Pro: Girls Trip! Yup- those much awaited trips my Mom always went on every year, now I can plan my own. And the luxury is, once we spread out- we spread the love. Friend in Atlanta, another in Austin- oh well just have to visit them all! Then next thing you know we’ll have bigger pay checks and it’ll be a girl’s cruise at 45 (so stay hot because consider that one on the calendar).

8 ) Con: You know how it’s funny to sit on Facebook during an entire class in college because you don’t need to pay attention and you’re just there for the attendance points? Well let’s just say work isn’t like that. Facebook just causes a guilty conscience, save it for after work. (Twitter on the other hand- not so bad in my book- but still keep it to a minimum.)

9) Pro: New beginnings! There’s nothing like starting fresh again, and graduation does that. Of course those four years are irreplaceable memories of love, laughter and outlandish behavior, but there’s room for all that in the real world too. It’s always exciting to be on the edge of something unknown and new. You can dress to impress because you never know who you’re gonna meet, and every moment feels like it might be some kind of breakthrough.

From where I’m at, things are looking pretty good. There’s a whole new world of people to meet out there and memories to make. Learning how to live in a new place or in a new way is exciting and adventurous. So live it up- whether you’re in those four golden years called college, or you’re out there blazing the path for those behind you. And always remember (cheesy quote follows)  make new friends but keep the old, one is silver the other gold.

Hope you are all having your own great adventures!



One thought on “Post-graduate pros and cons

  1. I’ve definitely pondered these pros and cons.

    Not having homework is a huge upside, but not feeling that sense of accomplishment can be a bit of a downer. I’ve found myself feeling guilty for watching way too much TV, and I miss my friends and just having somewhere to go besides work and home.

    Hope you’re adjusting well in Colorado!

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