Food, fashion, fall- what’s your Pinterest?

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Pinterest was recently featured in TIME magazine’s “The 50 Best Websites of 2011” and it recently caught my attention as well. Prepare to meet your new obsession if you haven’t found this little gem yet. The site is a way of sharing large thumbnails with images of DIY projects, food, fashion photography, interior design and wedding ideas (to name a few). Some images are merely meant to entertain, warm the heart or create a laugh while others are interactive images that lead to websites with recipes, videos and more information.

Those already using Pinterest understand it is a deadly time killer (I would’ve had this blog post done two hours ago if I hadn’t gotten trapped in the web of ideas on Pinterest)! Just imagine scrolling through hundreds and hundreds of pictures of puppies, delicious looking desserts, arts and crafts ideas, home decorating, workout plans- you name it.

So how does it work?

pumpkin images

Pumpkin search

Everyone on Pinterest will have a main page where people you “follow” will have content that is constantly posted and changing, just like a Facebook newsfeed but with large images instead. Then you have your “profile” or what Pinterest calls “Boards.” This is where you can “repin” things– taking things you love and categorizing them in whatever way you would like so they can be referenced again anytime. You can name boards anything you want from “Wedding wishes” to “Kick butt workouts,” the skies the limit! Also, re-pinning things (in my opinion) can be a statement about your personal style, things you enjoy or a way to share information you value.

Here’s what sets Pinterest apart- you don’t have to be “friends” with people you follow on Pinterest to repin things or use them, follow whoever you want, it doesn’t matter if you actually know them. Anybody and anything is fair game. Also, you can find people who have mutual interests by typing words into the search bar like “Phi Mu” for my sorority and then it will show every “board” with the words Phi Mu (or fill in the blank here with whatever personal interest you have). Also, if you’re searching for something in particular, for example- type in “pumpkin” and 100s of posts people have pinned about pumpkins will show up.

How convenient that it will bring all of these great ideas to your fingertips without searching through Google images or hundreds of sub-par websites to find what you’re looking for!

I think the boundaries of Pinterest are very few, you can connect with people who have mutual interests, find your new favorite things online and get that recipe you want without a hassle. Give it a try, the website is still in beta testing right now, meaning you have to submit a request to be able to use the website but my request was approved in a day or so. I have yet to see a downfall of this great resource- so get out there and start pinning!


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