A hilarious new take on catalog and magazine living

For our entire lives, magazines and catalogs have shown us dreamy home decorating ideas and flawless food shots. Children are playing peacefully in an immaculate living room, sometimes even with white couches or carpet, while the dog is comfortably curled up in the corner. Or kitchens have the latest and greatest appliances with baskets of fresh fruit and flowers and desserts laid out on the counter for guests. Well if you look at these pictures and itch over how they could be yours yet at the same time scowl at the ridiculousness of some of the images- Catalog Living is right up your alley.

Catalog living twig bowlThe website takes beautifully composed photographs from catalogs selling furniture items, home goods and decorations and essentially makes fun of them. Catalog Living created a fictional family to live in these homes and explain why they arranged the furniture in such ways, show flaws in the design or point out things that just don’t make sense! Gary and Elaine are the fictional “home owners” used for the satirical takes on what it would be like to live in these catalogs and I know they get me laughing often.

Overall it’s fresh and fun and might even make you feel better about having a home that’s not as modern and classy as those shown in catalogs, or rethink decorating ideas. Take for example a bowl of twigs on a side table? Or a shelf decorated with office supplies? I can’t imagine anyone I know using these tactics to add to the allure of their living room but maybe that’s just because I’m not friends with people sophisticated enough for things like that!

Office supply decorationsMaybe you’re not much of a catalog reader- but you get magazines. Well there’s a spinoff website, Magazine Living that is probably targeting some of your prized reads! Coastal Living, Southern Living, Country Living, Sunset and a few other magazines frequent the topics in Magazine Living. This time the characters- Martin and Gareth- discuss what’s it’s like living in the pages of your magazines.

So next time you’re just dying to have that retro lampshade on a side table made only of books or leave out the game of scrabble with the letters strewn across the table, just think you might be the butt of a joke on these websites.

Magazine Living


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