Trendy Pumpkins 2011

Last year I did a piece on Trendy Pumpkins that was a big hit and recently has had a popularity surge again. Since everyone has been enjoying this post so much I figured I’d make it a tradition– so here’s “Trendy Pumpkins” 2011 edition.

If you read last year’s post I featured a Southern Proper, Lilly Pulitzer and Monogram pumpkin and discussed some cute decorating ideas for them. Here are some fresh ideas for 2011 in case you are planning a last minute Halloween party or want some decorations for Thanksgiving. This year I feel like I’ve been seeing a lot more no-carve pumpkins that are painted, decoupaged, glittered and hot-glued! Here are some cute ideas from a fellow blogger, Juggling with Kids.

Boo made from buttons with a ribbon top-

boo pumpkin

Pumpkin with painted witch legs and ribbon “shoe strings”-

witch legs pumpkin

Here are some more “preppy pumpkins.” Or try some pumpkins incorporated into the decorations using flowers or putting them around inside. And of course it’s always nice to have different sized pumpkins that can be arranged in different ways to add dimension and interest.

Preppy painted monogram pumpkin with ribbon top and “flair”-

preppy pumpkingOr take a taller pumpkin and wrap with patterned ribbons like this one-

preppy pumpkin

Pumpkin with mums and a bow wrapped around-

Pumpkin with mums and a bow wrapped aroundHere’s a nice mixed setup-

Mix of pumpkinsFresh take on traditional lantern pumpkins-

Pumpkins with drilled holes for light to shine through and flowersOne of my personal favorites is this pumpkin perched on a wreath using natural colors and grasses for a super “fall” feel-

Pumpkin perched on a wreath

Or maybe you’re more into something flashy like this glittery pumpkin-

Glittery pumpkin
Finally, to round out this year’s ideas, I just found Martha’s (yes, Stewart, the queen of crafts) take on the subject and I think these gourd candles are really cute even though they’re from a few years ago. So good luck with your Halloween decorations and celebrations! Till next time,

Callie Lynne


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