Victoria’s Secret 2012 Bikinis

Last year y’all loved my post about Victoria’s Secret’s newest bathing suits so you could go out and look sexy for spring break, summer and other scantily-clad occasions.

This year I’m bringing back all the strings, strapless and neon to highlight some of my favorites and dish out some more beach body tips.

Victoria's Secret bikini in coral and print

Victoria's Secret bikini in coral and floral print with a boost!

This little number has several assets worth noting– first, the color is so in right now. Coral can be found in all kinds of attire from skirts to jeans but I especially like it on this tropical-themed suit. The cute and sweet floral print top balances the sexy ruched bottoms. Don’t be fooled by the sweetness though, under those tropical flowers is a boost for the girls giving you extra oomph (for those of us that need it)! The pattern is perfect for those of us who enjoy being girly but don’t want to look like a little girl!

One of the reasons its nice to shop Victoria’s Secret is because once you’ve gotten one- you generally know what to order from then on. I can always reference a suit from last year and order a new one online without having to trouble myself with going to a store. The last thing I want to spend my weekend doing is shedding my clothes and agonizing over whether or not the yellow bottoms are better than the lime green on my skin tone or if that top gives me side boob.

So on that note- suppose you order the wrong size or color or you’re just not feelin’ it anymore once your bikini arrives? Well, Victoria’s Secret shipping bags are reusable and you can just slap on the included return handling information and either exchange it or get a refund. Trust me, I know this works because I have even exchanged the same top multiple times with no consequence to me. How convenient!

Neon bikini with animal print bottom

Neon bikini with a muted animal print bottom, perfect for grabbing attention!

So here’s another tip– if there’s anything I’ve learned from my most recent workout habits, neon makes everything look better! After a couple weeks of successful cardio on a schedule, I rewarded myself with some new workout gear. I purchased two VS sports bras, one in neon green and the other neon pink. I walked in front of the mirror and it was like an instant improvement. I can’t explain why but something about neon just makes you look amazing (within reason of course).

This leads me to bathing suit recommendation number two– neon bandeau top with a fun animal print bottom. These bottoms are the same as the first bikini I showed off. There are actually 29 different variations of those exact bottoms and they can be paired with at least 20 different tops so there’s a lesser chance you’ll be wearing the same outfit as the Brazilian babe 20 ft. away on the beach.

Ruffles add volume on to boobs on this bikini

Ruffles add volume to itty-bitties and provide the illusion of bigger cups.

One way you can show off what you’ve got and emphasize your strengths is to consider color and cut that’s best for your body type. If you have small breasts, try a push-up or ruffles. Ruffles can add a lot of volume and don’t have irritation of a bunch of padding. Try this one- (although it has underwire, padding AND ruffles). The same can apply to ruffles on the bottom instead of the top- it adds volume.

Another style that can work wonders is shine. Sequins, metallic and jeweled embellishments are great ways to grab attention in all the right places. However, make sure when you’re rocking the sequin bikini you won’t be snorkeling with barracudas or tanning in the backyard- it might be a little flashy for those occasions.

Color, as I mentioned earlier, is really important to consider when choosing a suit. What looks good on the model might look awful on you (and not always because there a size 0 and you might not be.) I always take my hair color and level of tanness into account before settling on one suit. Sometimes darker colors (like plum or navy) can make a pale person look that much more pale. Go for something more bright and cheery to be safe!

Another important tip is string size! Always remember that if you have any extra fat, the smaller the string, the more it’s going to dig in. If you look better in lacy panties because they don’t create a crease why would you all the sudden spring for the string bottoms?? No. To assure you aren’t emphasizing extra body weight, shoot for a larger band on the side of tops and bottoms (and of course order the RIGHT size, not the size you WISH you were!) For those with bigger breasts and butts, sometimes more coverage is better. All cleavage is not necessarily good cleavage- if you remember one thing in life- let it be that!

More coverage and support bikini

More coverage and support here are better for big breasts, and more flattering too!

Small triangle top and string bottom bikini

Small triangle top and string bottom bikini for smaller butts and boobs works fine.

Here’s an example of basically the same suit with a small set model and a model with larger breasts– notice how smaller goes with smaller and larger goes with larger- this applies to you also!

Finally don’t forget to get a nice glow (in a safe way) before you head out to the beach. Once you’re there use at least 15 SPF to protect (or if you wanna little more UV rays try 8 SPF but anything is better than nothing!) Read some more tips about getting a great– fake– tan on my post about sunless tanners.

So if you can remember to focus on color, cut and body type, you should be golden (literally) this year when showing off your bikini and bod. Enjoy the spring and summer season and don’t forget it’s never too late to be great, in a bikini!

Until next time,



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